Cloudera Data Platform pricing

Cloud-native services to secure and manage the data lifecycle in any cloud or data center.


Industry standard

Pricing metrics align with norms for cloud-based consumption and subscription for data management and analytics.

Updates and support

CDP Public and Private Cloud offerings include enterprise-grade technical support as well as version, maintenance, and security updates.

Hybrid cloud rates

Public Cloud hourly rates and Private Cloud annual subscriptions are aligned for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud flexibility.

CDP Public Cloud

CDP Public Cloud services run on AWS, Azure, and GCP. 

Use one service or use them all, pay only for what you use with world-class support, and pay monthly or buy prepaid credits.

Data Engineering

Schedule, monitor, and debug data pipelines to streamline ETL processes quickly and securely.


Hourly rate

Data Warehouse

Deploy data warehouses with secure, self-service access to enterprise data.


Hourly rate

Operational Database

Develop future-proof applications that deliver unparalleled scale, performance, and reliability.


Hourly rate

Machine Learning

Provide collaborative ML workspaces with secure, self-service access to enterprise data.


Hourly rate

Data Hub

Easily manage clusters running Apache Spark, Hive, Impala, HBase, Phoenix, Kafka, Flink, and more.


Hourly rate


Catalog, deploy, manage and monitor Apache NiFi data flow deployments

$0.30 / CCU

Hourly rate

Flow Management on Data Hub

A premium Data Hub service to ingest, transform and manage streaming data, powered by Apache NiFi.


Hourly rate

Pricing is per Cloudera Compute Unit (CCU) which is a combination of Core and Memory. CCU prices shown for each service are estimates and may vary depending on actual instance types. The prices reflected do not include infrastructure cost. Infrastructure pricing is available through the respective cloud providers.

CDP Private Cloud

Faster, easier, and more cost-effective cloud-native data services in your data center or traditional data clusters with the latest open source analytics. Or do both. Your choice.

CDP Private Cloud Data Services

Easy to use, auto-scaling Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, and Machine Learning Data Services that rely on CDP Private Cloud Base for HDFS, Ozone object storage, or select third party storage, with SDX technologies.

CDP Private Cloud Base

Traditional data clusters - built with modern open-source data management and analytics software - that run against HDFS files stores, high-density Ozone object storage, or select third party storage, with SDX technologies.  

CDP Private Cloud pricing Annual subscription5

Data Services1

Data Engineering Data Service

$650/CCU 6

Data Warehouse Data Service 

Machine Learning Data Service


Ozone Object Store with SDX2

Variable Compute
& Storage 7

Select Third-Party Storage with SDX2

HDFS with SDX2,3

Traditional Data Clusters 
Spark, Kafka, HBase, Hive, Impala4

1Runs on embedded ECS or dedicated OpenShift and relies on Base for storage
Storage subscription required for total capacity under management
HDFS storage limited to 100TB per server
Base edition data cluster open source projects & components
5CDP Private Cloud Pricing reflects Business Level Support
Cloudera Compute Unit (CCU) - 1 Core and 8 GB RAM
Variable compute price: $75 per CCU over 16 Cores / 128GB RAM Node cap; Variable storage price: HDFS: $25 per TB over 48TB Node cap or Ozone/Third Party Storage $100 per TB over 48TB Node cap.

CDP support offerings

Cloudera Support is your strategic partner in enabling successful adoption of Cloudera solutions to achieve data-driven outcomes. We provide enterprise-grade expertise, technology, and tooling to optimize performance, lower costs, and achieve faster case resolution.


Public Cloud support details        Private Cloud support details

Additional offerings

Edge & Flow Management

Manage, control, and monitor the edge to ingest and deliver real-time streaming data with no-code ingestion.

Learn more

Streams Messaging

Buffer and scale massive volumes of data ingests to serve real-time data needs of enterprise and cloud applications.

Learn more

Stream Processing & Analytics

Use real-time insights to improve detection and response to critical events with valuable business outcomes.

Learn more

Data Science Workbench

Delivers fast, easy, and secure self-service data science for the enterprise.


Learn more

HDP Enterprise Plus

Securely store, process, and analyze all your structured and unstructured data at rest.

$10,000/node + variable1

Learn more

Enterprise Data Hub

Transform complex data into clear and actionable insights with an integrated suite of analytic engines.                   

$10,000/node + variable1

Learn more


Leverage GPUs to accelerate Cloudera Data Engineering as well as Machine Learning Spark workloads.


Learn more

1Variable compute price: $75 per CCU over 16 cores, 128 GB RAM node cap; variable storage price: $25 per TB over 48 TB node cap.

Definitions: Cloudera GPU Unit (CGU): unit of measure representing the relative processing power of specific GPU models. For details please refer to CGU table

Updated product pricing, subscription, and licensing details.

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