Cloudera Data Platform

Unlock the potential of private and  public clouds with the only hybrid data platform for modern data architectures with data anywhere.


The ultimate flexibility in data management and data analytics.

Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) is a hybrid data platform designed for unmatched freedom to choose—any cloud, any analytics, any data.

CDP delivers faster and easier data management and data analytics for data anywhere, with optimal performance, scalability, and security.

With CDP you get the value of CDP Private Cloud and CDP Public Cloud for faster time to value and increased IT control.

Get value from all your data with a unified data fabric, open data lakehouse, & scalable data mesh

Cloudera Data Platform provides the freedom to securely move applications, data, and users bi-directionally between the data center and multiple data clouds, regardless of where your data lives. All thanks to modern data architectures:

  • A unified data fabric centrally orchestrates disparate data sources intelligently and securely across multiple clouds and on premises
  • An open data lakehouse enables multi-function analytics on both streaming and stored data in a cloud-native object store across hybrid multi-cloud
  • A scalable data mesh helps eliminate data silos by distributing ownership to cross-functional teams while maintaining a common data infrastructure

Designed to handle complexity automatically—so you don't have to

  • Multi-Cloud & On Premises
  • Open & Scalable
  • Portable Data Analytics
  • Unified Security

Multi-cloud & on premises

Extend powerful AI-powered data applications across your business—faster, easier, and more reliably.

A singular focus on cloud overlooks the vast amount of data residing on private clouds. CDP combines the data management, analytics, and transactional and data science services of public and private clouds.

Only Cloudera has the power to span multi-cloud and on premises with a hybrid data platform that delivers cloud-native data analytics across the full data lifecycle—data distribution, data engineering, data warehousing, transactional data, streaming data, data science, and machine learning—with a consistent experience that’s portable across infrastructures.

Open & scalable

Open data fabrics, data lakehouses, and data meshes with data anywhere at scale.

Reap the rewards of CDP’s open-source pedigree and interoperability to address existing critical issues as well as anticipate future needs such as new clouds, new data types, and data services. 

Organizations routinely use CDP to secure, manage, and analyze petabytes of structured and unstructured data with scalable data mesh, a feat unmatched in the industry. And CDP delivers the world’s only open data lakehouse powered by Apache Iceberg, which lets you use CDP analytics and data management or the analytic tool of your choice thanks to open cloud-native storage formats. CDP in AWS stores its data in S3, CDP in Azure stores its data in ADLS, and CDP in Google stores its data in GCS.

data services diagram

Portable data analytics

Moving data and applications among clouds or back on premises as business conditions change is an imperative.

Implementing a new use case requires more than a point solution that only runs in the cloud. CDP’s unified platform enables portable, interoperable data analytics for the full data lifecycle and distributed data management running on public clouds, on premises, and at the edge.

Overarching platform services handle security, governance, metadata, replication, and automation, easing deployment across domains and delivering a consistent self-service user experience across clouds without refactoring or redevelopment. 


cloudera data platform diagram

Unified security

Meet the compliance needs of even the most regulated industries with a unified data fabric. 

Consistent policy-based controls across private and public clouds are required for both hybrid success and the portability of data and services. A unified data fabric, powered by Cloudera SDX, orchestrates all your disparate data sources intelligently and securely, maintaining lineage across all your analytics.

SDX facilitates self-service access for business users to a unified, trusted, and comprehensive view of all their data while maintaining accountability and ensuring regulatory compliance. And only SDX enables consistent security across multiple clouds and on premises.

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The future is hybrid. So is Cloudera Data Platform.

CDP delivers the flexibility your business demands and  the simplicity IT requires.

Finally, a hybrid data platform that delivers the data services your business needs, no matter where your data is. Cloudera Data Platform delivers the best of public and private clouds—that’s the power of "and." No more sacrificing the needs of the business due to the constraints of IT. 

  • Faster time to business insights and increased IT controls
  • High performance and  low cost
  • Petabyte data scale and  bursty data jobs
  • Purpose-built for data engineers and  data scientists
  • Easy-to-build complex applications and  simple dashboards
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Enterprise-grade security and governance

Cloudera SDX combines enterprise-grade centralized security, governance, and management capabilities with shared metadata and a data catalog, eliminating costly data silos, preventing lock-in to proprietary formats, and eradicating resource contention. Now all users and administrators can enjoy the advantages of a shared data experience.

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  • CDP Public Cloud
  • CDP Private Cloud

CDP Public Cloud

Create and manage secure data lakes, self-service analytics, and machine learning services without installing and managing the data platform software. CDP Public Cloud services are managed by Cloudera, but unlike other public cloud services, your data will always remain under your control in your VPC. CDP runs on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

CDP Public Cloud lets you:

  • Control cloud costs by automatically spinning up workloads when needed and suspending their operation when complete 
  • Isolate and control workloads based on user type, workload type, and workload priority
  • Combat proliferating silos and centrally control customer and operational data across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
CDP Public Cloud diagram

CDP Public Cloud Data Services


Collect & move your data from any source to any destination in a simple, secure, scalable and cost-effective way. 

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Stream Processing

Create real-time streaming analytics applications to gain actionable insights and respond to critical business events. 

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Data Engineering

Orchestrate, operationalize, and automate complex data pipelines to increase efficiency and accelerate time to value.

Learn more

Data Warehouse

Simplify analytics on massive amounts of data to thousands of concurrent users without compromising speed, cost, or security.

Learn more

Operational Database

Bring unparalleled scale and performance to your mission-critical applications while securing future readiness for evolving data models.

Learn more

Machine Learning

Accelerate development at scale, anywhere, with self-service machine learning workspaces and the underlying compute clusters.

Learn more

Data Hub

Simplify building modern, mission-critical data-driven applications with enterprise-grade security, governance, scale, and control.

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CDP Private Cloud

CDP Private Cloud delivers powerful analytic, transactional, and machine learning workloads in a hybrid data platform. With a choice of traditional as well as elastic analytics and scalable object storage, CDP Private Cloud modernizes traditional monolithic cluster deployments in a powerful and efficient platform. 

CDP Private Cloud provides the first step for data center customers toward true data and workload mobility, managed from a single pane of glass with consistent data security and governance.

With CDP Private Cloud, organizations benefit from:

  • Rapid time to value through simplified provisioning of easy-to-use, self-service analytics in minutes rather than days
  • Improved cost efficiency with optimized resource utilization and the decoupling of compute and storage
  • Predictable performance thanks to workload isolation and perfectly managed multi-tenancy
CDP Private Cloud diagram

CDP Private Cloud Data Services

Data engineering

Orchestrate, operationalize, and automate complex data pipelines to increase efficiency and accelerate time to value.

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Data Warehouse

Unleash a data warehouse service for all modern, self-service, and advanced analytics use cases at scale.

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Machine Learning

Accelerate development at scale with self-service ML workspaces and the underlying compute clusters.

Learn more

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CDP technical resources

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Modernize: Resources to migrate from CDH & HDP

Upgrades & migrations

Explore resources and guidelines for migrating from CDH or HDP to Cloudera Data Platform and discover your custom upgrade path with the CDP Upgrade Advisor.

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The four upgrade and migration paths to CDP

Find out how to get to CDP from legacy distributions, including in-place upgrades, side-car migrations, rolling side-car migrations, and migrations to public cloud.

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